Bitcoin Trader Test und Erfahrungen – Die größte USD Bitcoin Handelsbörse

Mit dem Anstieg der Popularität von Kryptowährungen, gibt es eine große Anzahl von Börsen, die aufsteigen und ihre Dienste anbieten. Eine solche große Kryptowährungsbörse, die bei Online-Händlern sehr beliebt ist, ist …

Bitcoin Buyer stoppt Auszahlung für Bitcoin, ETH Hash Rate Token nach Chinas Durchgreifen

Poolin stoppt Auszahlung für BTC, ETH Hash Rate Token nach Chinas Durchgreifen Bitcoin Buyer stoppt Netzwerk Bitcoin Buyer, einer der großen chinesischen Krypto-Mining-Pools, hat vorübergehend die Bitcoin- und Ether-Mining-Auszahlungen an Benutzer …

$1 billion in futures contracts have been settled: Why is Bitcoin going through extreme price movements?

An additional $1 billion in Bitcoin futures contracts have been destroyed. Almost $1 billion in Bitcoin Futures Contracts (BTC) were liquidated on January 13, a day after a major market shake. …


Known for his social media leadership of crypto currency exchange giant Binance, CEO Changpeng Zhao, or CZ, said he disabled Twitter comments in his messages to eliminate scammers.

„To better respond and participate,“ CZ told Cointelegraph, he partially disabled the ability for the public to comment on his tweets. „This is a new feature of Twitter,“ CZ said on June 11. „It seems to have only spread to a small percentage of people.“

Civic launches a tool to check users‘ vaccinations

Social media is crucial to crypto space
As an industry based mainly on digital technologies, a large part of the community of crypto-currencies and block chains interacts daily on various social media platforms such as Twitter. CZ maintains a significant presence on Twitter, allocating about 20% of its time to community interaction on the platform.

In light of the new Twitter option, Bitcoin Rush expressed his pleasure in trying out new features, describing himself as one of the first to adopt them, hence his recent experiment with the comment disabling setting.

Binance to launch UK trading platform for institutional and retail investors

Twitter presents a difficult environment at times
„Twitter is not a perfect platform at all,“ CZ said, noting that scammers, trolls and the like can make genuine community interaction on the platform difficult.

„To clarify, my intention in using the new ‚people you follow can respond‘ feature is not to cut off people’s opinions,“ CZ said. „I welcome people to express what they feel and also challenge me or our services so that we can be better.

CZ said she wants the community to continue to suggest Twitter accounts worth following. „There are many great voices in cryptic space that I hope to capture more of.“

Under CZ’s umbrella, Binance has become one of the largest companies in the industry, with over 1,000 employees. Cointelegraph’s list of the 100 most influential people in crypto space and blockchain shows CZ as the most influential person in the industry.