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IOVLabs believes that the missing link is the ease of use for the developer, not the type of blockchain.

A new business initiative launched by IOVLabs, the company behind the Bitcoin RSK side chain, seeks to simplify the development of the blockchain for governments and companies.

The joint venture, called Extrimian, was established with the Argentinean software provider Grupo Sabra to create the RSK Enterprise Cloud platform.

The blockchain-as-a-service platform is designed to enable governments and businesses to develop decentralised solutions and easily configure licensed networks. The platform is said to help integrate blockchain DApps into the existing infrastructure used by business and government entities.

Guillermo Villanueva, CEO of Extrimian and co-founder of Grupo Sabra, told Cointelegraph that the initiative’s approach differs from existing offerings:

„There are many blockchain-as-a-Service offerings, but they focus on solving the problem of implementing authorized networks. Our vision is that the key problem to be solved is the connection and integration of the systems that the Company already has to these new technologies“.

Villanueva believes that existing companies have a limited focus on their niche: cloud providers focused on cloud-based solutions, while blockchain companies focus only on the blockchain part. He went on to say:

„After many years of dealing with the complexity of developing real-world applications for the enterprise segment using the blockchain technology stack, we realised that one piece was missing, something that facilitates the development and operation of decentralised applications, which integrate easily with the rest of the technology that businesses and governments already have“.

Villanueva clarified that Extrimian is not looking to create a separate blockchain platform. Its users could choose from a number of existing business blockchains, including RSK, Ethereum and Hyperledger Besu. The toolkit will be able to be used on cloud platforms such as Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon Web Services, and further integrations are expected later.

Due to the nature of the software, Villanueva explained that his focus is not on convincing companies to make the initial foray into blockchain. „Our platform is aimed at large, medium and small companies and governments that have a problem, have investigated possible solutions and have selected blockchain as the platform for their solution,“ he said.

The idea for the platform was apparently driven by RSK’s own experience in designing business applications. The project participated in several pilot projects, including a blockchain-based payment service for Argentinean banks and an energy trading initiative.

„The Argentinean Central Bank’s pilot was one of many implementations we have delivered that gave us a clear understanding of the real requirements of the business segment,“ explained Villanueva.

In addition to the company, RSK is currently driving decentralised finance use cases in its intelligent contract blockchain with Chainlink oracle integrations and an Ethereum bridge.